“If we get to finish this song, there is nothing we can’t do guys”
Alfredo Grassi – TIMETRACK FACTORY General Manager and Cheif Producer


Artists, modern heroes
gave me dreams, gave me hopes
Don’t you get’em? it’s not entirely your fault

knowledge locked up in a server
who’s gonna be the one to pull the plug?
who’s gonna be the Berserker?
Who’s gonna be the real prime?
the eye stares the screen like your heart stares the sky
is it the other way around?
Are you dead or alive?
The whole world in your device
truth ain’t what it used to be, don’t you think?
live like a follower it’s good for your ego
trying to pass your rugs for a tuxedo
you end up buying your own lies
is fake the new real? is it you? agent smith!

You played through the game without scoring  or doin’ foal

resilience is to discover the sky
resilience is to look into the eyes
resilience is to touch with your hand
resilience is to exhale the truth
resilience is to hold hands
resilience is to make love
resilience is to feel pain
resilience is to blossom into a winner

You’re a liar among millions, if you enter the flock are you gonna be
the basic sheep, the black sheep or cloned sheep?

if you choose wrong it won’t be life
I mean the real, “real life”
If I opened the door, would you enter?

We will have them building a wall
where we‘ll feel protected and warm
we’ll place copper cages and
we’ll play hide and seek again
we’ll run through the fields without
algorithms to compete against
here a kiss of mine will be worth
1 million impressions

every Tuesday is Hiroshima all over
every street is your Normandy beach

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