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Phase is a state of being. A state of being to which we aspire.

It is more precisely that condition in which our inner vibration is harmonious with the vibration of the universe and our being can be expressed in its highest, most powerful and free, as well as true form. It means disengaging from the decoding schemes of reality that we find ourselves more or less imposed, and accessing our deepest perceptions. This allows us to grasp and experience all the dimensions to which human beings have access by nature.

Paul – calm and skilled resolver, weighted in decisions and tireless advocate of new pieces with captivating sound, manages with his harmony to fill the spirit, dazed by the noise of the world. The cautious ardor of its impetus will pervade you like an infernal blaze!
Adjective: spiritual vitamin D
Touch the Phase
Rudy -When he is behind the drums, he accesses a more free dimension of his being, more serene, with which he can give concreteness and order to the noise of the world. With his power he can move the world around.
Adjective: the pace maker of the mind
Touch the phase

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